Laerdal Little Anne QCPR 4-pack 124-01050
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Laerdal Little Anne QCPR 4-pack 124-01050

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Set of four Little Anne QCPR Light adult manikins in a convenient soft carry case. Manikins are Bluetooth enabled for app compatibility, plus include a port to connect a SkillGuide device.  

• Human-like feel for chest compressions and ventilations with visible chest rise
• Compression clicker mode for audible feedback on optimal compression depth
• Ability to practice head tilt, jaw thrust, and nose pinch maneuvers
• QCPR sensors (feedback technology) for compressions (rate, depth, release) and ventilations (rate and count)
• Multiple feedback options (QCPR app and SkillGuide device)

• Little Anne QCPR Light manikins (4)
• Additional manikin faces (4)
• Additional airway lungs (4)
• Manikin wipes (24)
• Jackets for manikin (4)
• Wheeled carry case (1)
• Training mats (4)
• User Guide (1)
• Important Product Information (1)
• AA batteries (8)

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