BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Pack - BDM100NK
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BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Pack - BDM100NK

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BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Packs

Size: 23" Long - Neck Contour

Durable, leak-free performance. Withstands hundreds of cycles of freezing and thawing without splitting, tearing or dripping.

Maintains total flexibility even when frozen, delivering cold therapy along the entire contour of the affected area.

With four sizes to choose from, you’re sure to have the perfect size for your patient’s needs.

Once taken from the freezer, a BodyMed cold pack provides up to 30 minutes of therapeutic cold.

Simple, inexpensive and time-tested method to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Can be used by patients and professionals alike, at home or in the clinic.

Superior alternative to ice bags, which need refilling and can leak or drip.

Affordable quality; yet another excellent value from the BodyMed® brand.

Latex-free; no risk of allergic skin reactions.

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