BodyMed Far Infrared Heating Pad - ZZHPS1623
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BodyMed Far Infrared Heating Pad - ZZHPS1623

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  • DEEP HEATING. The BodyMed® Far Infrared Heating Pad is a type of deep heating modality that uses far infrared waves to penetrate into the muscle for long-lasting therapeutic pain relief. Its flexibility allows the pad to be wrapped around various body parts where treatment is needed.
  • GEMSTONE DESIGN. This deep tissue heating pad is designed with negative ion technology and features 7 rows of premium natural gemstones and tourmaline stones that help transfer heat to the body.
  • EMF FREE. With safety in mind, this heat therapy pad is manufactured for DC voltage and is electromagnetic field (EMF) free.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT. Included is a digital controller with an auto shut-off, adjustable temperature (103°F–159°F (40°C–70°C)), and timer settings (0–240 minutes) plus memory function.
  • EFFECTIVE THERAPY. To use, position the pad directly over the affected area. The pad should be placed so that the stones face the body. It is recommended to use a protective layer between yourself and the pad

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