QinFlow Warrior Blood Warmer Set w/ Soft Case – 37-600
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QinFlow Warrior Blood Warmer Set w/ Soft Case – 37-600

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With its unmatched performance, the QinFlow Warrior is an ideal blood/IV fluid warming solution for for mid- to long-haul pre-hospitals transports, inter-facility transports, and hospital’s emergency departments that advocate simplicity and portability. Its performance makes a huge difference in environments in which aggressive bolus flows are applied in an intermittent fashion by push-pull resuscitation methods.

Superior Performance at a Significantly Lower Per Use Price!

Recognized for their superiority over prevailing warmers in the recently released CoTCCC ARC Guidelines, the QinFlow Warrior set the highest standard of performance for any pre hospital warmer. Not only that they deliver superior performance, but also they accomplish this at a significantly lower cost of ownership, compared with all modern battery operable warmers; a true win win solution.

The QinFlow Warrior Standard Set comes with a Soft Carry Case comes and 2 compact Disposable Units.

The QinFlow Warrior:

  • Warm near-freezing blood/IV fluids at up to 200ml/min, vs. only 100-150ml/min of alternative solutions
  • Warm up to 3.5 liters of near-freezing blood/IV fluids with a single charge, vs. 1-2 liters of alternative solutions
  • Uniquely validated to handle intense and intermittent bolus flows (more below)
  • Are 50-70% more economical on a per-use basis!

The QinFlow Warrior Blood Warmer Set is a 3-part system composed of a controller (or Base Unit), battery, and per-patient warmer (i.e. disposable unit). Several accessories are offered so as to optimize the offering to the specific operating environments, such as mount accessory and extension cable. Assembly is simple and fail-safe and takes seconds to accomplish. Blood/IV fluids will be warmed almost from the first even at high resuscitation rates.

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