RockTape RockBlades® Mohawk - 427674
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RockTape RockBlades® Mohawk - 427674

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Welcome to the second IASTM revolution. RockBlades® Mohawk ushers in a new era of IASTM capabilities, never before seen in the industry.

A revolutionary system featuring 3 tools in one, Mohawk enables you to treat a wide range of pain, mobility and neurological issues with one precision-crafted stainless steel tool and two unique, patent-pending attachments. The Mohawk’s hand polished treatment surfaces, combined with a perfectly balanced and weighted core, make it a joy to use day in and day out. Its matte-finished dimples, four on each side, ensure positive traction of the tool during treatment. Each side and treatment edge of the Mohawk is unique both in shape and radius

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